Pulse is now available for every community willing to try it as their internal communication platform.

All of Pulse Team

We’re happy to invite every community related in work, leisure or fun activities to try Pulse as their internal communication platform.

Just before jumping into details, we would like to mention that It was quite an amazing journey up until now. Full of both pleasant and challenging moments. Right now we’re standing on a very important milestone, with our fingers crossed and secretly hoping that you will like pulse as we do. Even if not, we waiting for your feedback, it is of immense importance, as it helps us grow and deliver better product to our community.

First release of Pulse will introduce users with it’s main functionalities: News, Events, Polls, Benefits, Chat, Statistics, User Administration, Billing and will let users to form their own closed community network .

For the upcoming months our backlog is prepared for bug fixes, improvements and new feature development. We’re trying to stay as much agile as we can, therefore our backlog is dynamic and changes according needs & feedback of our users. If you’re missing out for a specific functionality, or you think it might be useful or cool for others as well, please let us know!

The next changes in line are:

  • Account re-activation – new feature, which (if enabled) will require users to re-activate their accounts quarterly. This will make administration of community members easier, as people who no longer belong to a specific community will automatically be removed from it.
  • Community sub-spaces – new feature, which (if enabled) will let users within a community space create their own spaces. This feature will connect smaller teams, or people with common interest together (example: football, agile, other activities/interests)
  • Rich text – users will be able to to use rich text like bold, underline etc..
  • Various fixes creating better user experience

Stay tuned for more updates!


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