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Exposing company benefits

Corporate benefits are usually stored within organisations Intranet or Sharepoint sites, therefore people forget they actually exist. Pulse for enterprise can help bringing those benefits in to employees “pockets”. And by doing so it adds the value of being a part of your community.


Decisions backed by employees

Before making decisions, which could have an impact on organisations microclimate, ask the people you work with for their opinion, keep them involved in the decision making process within organisation. Pulse for enterprise will help bringing transparency by showing instant voting results.

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Building & maintaining culture

Pulse for enterprise has integrated socialising features which helps employees join internal communities, discover organisational benefits, engage volunteering activities. It also provides valuable feedback for the organisations content manager, according to which it content could be amended to be more appealing for the audience.

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Silencing the noise

Helps gathering information within your organisation and distribute the relevant content for the end user in an interactive way. By doing so it reduces informational noise, and lets the end user find the information he is looking for in a matter of moments.

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Discover a new way to communicate

Pulse for enterprise is mobile internal communication tool meant to build or enhance already living culture within enterprise. A Vital role in this process is played by an effective communication, which requires tools that gather information flow and distributes relevant content for the end user in an simple and engaging way, raising users curiosity to know more and participate in various organizational activities.

Pulse is a perfect tool for companies ready to change their communication methods


Makes communication interactive, easy to use and transparent for both: employee and the content manager.


Sorts and provides information, which is relevant for the end user, depending on his location


Innovative communication approach combining technology and employee engagement principles.