Communication tool meant to build or enhance already living culture within organization.


Makes communication simple and transparent for both: employee and the content manager.


Filters communication by highlighting events taking place depending on users location.


Innovative communication approach combining technology and employee engagement principles.

Silencing the noise

One of the most common challenge faced by organizations is a vast amount of information shared across it, which create a certain "noise". Pulse distributes information load so that the end user receives the latest news within the organization in the right way, the right time and for the right people.

Building & maintaining culture

Its important to understand that building culture is a continuous process, which needs to be fostered. Pulse has integrated socialising features which helps employees join internal communities, express themselves and engage volunteers for their initiatives. It also provides valuable feedback for the stakeholders which helps to know and interact with their employees.

Decisions backed by employees

Before making decisions, which could have an impact on organizations microclimate, why don't ask for employees opinion? Keep them engaged to events taking place inside of it. Pulse has an entertaining and simple solution, which will help interacting with employees in order to receive their opinion on certain queries.