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Build community engagement through simple, transparent and accessible communication tool

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Why pulse?

Pulse for enterprise combines employee engagement principles with technology, shaping organizations communication as a one stop shop for their users.

Why pulse? SimpleSimple

Focus on user experience & interface makes shared content transparent and accessible

Why pulse? LocalizedLocalized

Distribution of relevant content for the target audience, keeping everyone else undisturbed

Why pulse? EngagingEngaging

Collaboration spaces connects communities & teams with the same interests

How pulse works?

Easy content administration

Easy accessible community information

News & Events

Keep everyone up to date with organizations life

Benefits or Offers

Promote benefits or offers provided to users by the organization

Community Map

Display organizations office locations in a map

Community engagement

Admin panel

Manage content and review usage metrics

Short polls or surveys

Ask user opinion and let them see instant results

Collaborative environment

Public Chat channels

Lead a themed discussion within your organization.

Comments and feedback

Comment on news and events, rate passed events from 1 to 5

Direct Chat

Engage other users in direct discussions

Personal spaces

Users may create their own sub-spaces dedicated to their initiatives and invite other members to join.

Available on all devices

Pulse for enterprise available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Web

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