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Why pulse?

Pulse is adaptive to community needs, which is the key in building and sustaining community engagement

Why pulse? LocalizedOrganised

Arranges community engagement in perfect order

Why pulse? EngagingFlexible

Communities select features related to their activities

Why pulse? SimpleEvolving

We listen and react to improvement ideas

How pulse works?

Easy content administration

Easy accessible community information

News & Events

Keep everyone up to date with community life

Benefits or Offers

Promote benefits or offers provided by your community

Community Map

Display community/office locations in a map

Community engagement

Admin panel

Manage community, users, review usage metrics

Feature Toggle

Turn On/Off features relevant your community

Short polls or surveys

Ask user opinion and let them see instant results

Push Notifications

Send notifications to users devices

Collaborative environment

Public Chat channels

Lead a themed discussion within your community

Comments and feedback

Comment on news and events, rate passed events

Direct Chat

Engage other users in direct discussions

Available on all devices

Pulse is available on: iOS, Android and Web

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